dockutil 2.0.0 is out

It has been a long time coming, but I finally made time to attempt to get dockutil working better with cfprefsd.

I decided to use defaults rather than PyObjC.  Although in hindsight it probably doesn’t matter.  They both have quirks when running as root.

But defaults actually does handle paths correctly, and dockutil has always used paths to the dock plist, so that fits well.

At some point we will likely need to change dockutil to take users or domains rather than paths so it works better with CFPreferences.

But for now we can stay with paths to preserve compatibility with existing scripts using dockutil.

I expect some bugs, so please test and report them on github.

6 thoughts on “dockutil 2.0.0 is out

  1. Thanks so much!

    I hate the conflation of apps to launch vs. running apps in Mac OS X, and this let me easily switch over to a fake “start” menu (aka dock stack in folder mode) using only two ugly shell pipelines!

    Now I only ever see running apps in the left hand part of the dock 🙂

    ## Make symlink farm “Start” Menu from all “Keep in Dock” apps.

    mkdir -p /Applications/Stacks/Start

    ./dockutil –list \
    | grep persistent-apps \
    | awk -F \t ‘{print $2}’ \
    | sed ‘s:%20:\\\ :g’ \
    | sed ‘s;^file://;ln -s ;g’ \
    | sed ‘s:/$: /Applications/Stacks/Start/:g’ \
    | sort | uniq >> doit

    . doit

    # Drag “Start” folder to dock using the finder.

    ## Now remove the “Keep in Dock” property from those apps.

    ./dockutil –list \
    | grep persistent-apps \
    | awk -F \t ‘{print $1}’ \
    | sed “s:^:\./dockutil –remove \’:g” \
    | sed “s:$:\’:g” \
    | sort | uniq >> doit

    . doit

    # Now set the stack type to folder and give the folder a nice start icon. I’m horrible and use the Windows one.

  2. Great work! Do you know if it’s compatible with El Cap given some of the security settings/changes in that update? Either compatible with machines running dockutil that are then updated to 10.11, or trying to install dockutil on machines pre-installed with 10.11? Thanks!

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