dockutil 1.1 released

Version 1.1 of dockutil is out:

  • fixes many issues with paths (should now work with Default User Template and other paths with spaces)
  • adds option to not restart the dock (–no-restart)
  • fixes issue where item would be added multiple times (use –replacing to update an existing item)
  • resolves deprecation warnings
  • adds option to remove all items (–remove all)
  • fixes issue with removals when a url exists in a dock
  • adds option –version to output version

7 thoughts on “dockutil 1.1 released

  1. Great job, we will try it to modify User Template (we used dockutil 1.0)

    Just a question, dockutil 1.0 was in /sbin, so you can call dockutil directly from Terminal. But dockutil 1.1 is installed in /usr/local/bin and to use it, we have to precise the path. Is it possible to move dockutil 1.1 in /sbin, like dockutil 1.0 ?

    Many thanks for you job !


    • Feel free to move it, repackage it, or symlink it. I typically put these types of tools in /usr/local/bin myself, but I guess that not everyone has that in their path.

  2. Thanks for the update!

    Do you have a donate button somewhere? Or a project you would like some $ support sent to on your behalf?

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  4. Great tool, ever thought about expanding your arsenal and creating a similar tool for the troublesome ?

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