6 Comments on “10.5 AD plugin slow logins related to macAddress query”

  1. Rickey says:

    I am having the exact same issue, however I can not find the bugs referenced in your post. It’s pretty annoying too, when in 10.4.x it worked perfectly.

  2. Kyle Crawford says:

    You can’t see others’ bugs (unless you are Apple), but you can list others’ bugs in your own bug report to help let Apple know that you are having the same problem.

  3. […] isn’t fixed is the slow logins on AD environments with an R2 schema that hasn’t been extended with Mac […]

  4. […] June 13, 2008 — Kyle Crawford I’ve been hassling Apple about this issue for quite a […]

  5. ellgreco says:

    is there an index for the macAddress attribute in AD. You should get alot more quicker queries if you index that attribute

  6. Rob Ingenthron says:

    Another work-around, given that the “macAddress” attribute is not actually being used: use ADSIEDIT to change the “lDapDisplayName” for the “macAddress” attribute to something like “macAddress-CHANGED” or “macAddress-workaround” or whatever.

    If an ldap query references a non-existent attribute, it will just ignore it immediately, so no delay for lookups. We have the Mac issue, as well as the exact same issue with another application, and since neither is actually using the attribute in question (and no other app is referencing the attributes, either), renaming solves our issues.

    The one caveat being that you have to remember/document that this change was made, or you will have to track it down at a later date (if ever) if the macAddress attribute is ever actually needed at some point.

    Use ADSIEDIT.MSC to edit “macAddress” in the “Schema” container, changing the “lDapDisplayName” in the properties for “macAddress” to something different.
    You have to be in Schema Admins, and you have to do this on the domain controller with the Schema Master role, and changes have to be enabled.

    Here’s a nice, succinct reference to changing the AD schema:

    — Rob “I” —

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