Play mp3 from python on Mac

This site has a few nice little PyObjC samples.
One of them shows how to play a sound using AppKit’s NSSound. This is exactly what I was trying to do today.

And since PyObjC is built-in in 10.5, no addtional software is required.

Python is already batteries included, with PyObjC, you’ve got batteries galore.

ipython output:

In [1]: from AppKit import NSSound
In [2]: sound = NSSound.alloc()
In [3]: sound.initWithContentsOfFile_byReference_('/System/Library/CoreServices/Setup', True)
In [4]:
Out[4]: True
In [5]: sound.stop()
Out[5]: True


4 thoughts on “Play mp3 from python on Mac

  1. Hello,

    I tried your code but I can’t play a system sound on my G5 with Tiger. Does it actually work with Tiger. I just want to run a little program that plays a system sound when a web-site is successfully loaded. Can you help me?


    M. Unger

  2. Thanks! Nice and easy, which I was glad to see after having failed with snack (and Tkinter; even once everything ran without error I got no sound). This worked first try. Thanks for the tip!

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