Installing Leopard on Unsupported Hardware

I installed Leopard on two older machines that are not officially supported by Apple.

In both cases I resorted to installing from a supported machine with the machine in target disk mode or asr restoring to the drive in the unsupported machine. There may be other ways of getting it installed. I looked at the javascripts that check system requirements in the .mpkg in /System/Installation/Packages of the installer DVD using It is possible that one could edit the OSInstall.mpkg javascripts and build a new installer DVD, but for me it was easier to install from a supported machine.


PowerMac G4 533Mhz 354MB RAM: This machine works okay with 10.5. It is somewhat slow with graphics and the low memory causes it to hit the disk a lot. The most serious issue is waking from sleep, which results in a kernel panic. I tried adding more RAM, removing SCSI card, disconnecting an older drive, but the kernel panics continued. I’ve set energy saver to never put the machine to sleep for now.

iMac G4 1Ghz 256MB RAM: This machine only has half of the required 512MB RAM for 10.5. It seems to run fine, but swaps to disk a lot.

When spotlight first indexes the drive on first boot, the machines crawl because the disk is so busy with swapping and indexing, but once that is finished, the machines are usable.


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