Attempting to Boot from ZFS…

I spent some time attempting to get Leopard booting from a ZFS volume. I used Apple’s method of Boot!=Root. Boot!=Root basically allows you to boot from ‘exotic’ filesysytems by using a helper partition that is not ‘exotic’ (HFS+) and contains enough information to mount your exotic volume and root off of it. The information includes a kernel, kernel extensions caches, and a plist specifying the UUID of the volume you want to root off of. The machine actually boots from the helper partition, loads the kernel and kernel extensions from cache, waits for the volume with the specified UUID to show up, then switches over to root off of that. Apple has been doing this for some time with helper partitions that allow booting from Apple RAID volumes.

So I created a RAID volume, made it bootable, mounted its helper Apple Boot partition, asr restored the helper partition to another partition to use as a base for my ZFS helper partition. I edited the Boot.plist to point to my ZFS volume UUID. I blessed the helper partition and rebooted in verbose mode. I got an error from the AppleFileSystem kext and got the dreaded “Waiting for root device…” message. Damn.

Apparently the problem is that Apple marks certain filesystem types as allowed to boot from. These seem to be held in the Info.plist of the AppleFileSystem kernel extension. I was going to attempt editing the plist to include ZFS, but when I saw that the kernel extension appeared to be signed, I gave up assuming that I would invalidate the kext by modifying the plist. I downloaded the kext from the darwin site, but it had all sorts of dependencies.

Why would I think it would be that easy?

That is where I left it. A few hours lost. Not a lot gained. Maybe I’ll try again…


2 thoughts on “Attempting to Boot from ZFS…

  1. I don’t suppose you could point to anything that shows how to set up Boot!=Root, do you? It’s a pretty un-Googleable phrase, and Apple’s documentation only mentions it briefly (with about as much detail as this article, actually).

  2. Apple had a pretty in depth session on it at WWDC 2007.

    That is where I got my info. If you are interested, you can get a hold of the session on booting through the apple developer program.

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